Full year Coop Class Sept. 27th,2017 – June 20th, 2018 Wednesdays – 2:30pm-3:30pm Teacher: Becky Venner Message from the Teacher: Welcome Thanks for your interest in Skagit Seedlings first cooperative class. I’ve become a lover of the Fun Schooling Journals and I won 10 of them this summer in a Facebook post drawing! As a homeschool mom I’m always looking for FUN ways for my own children to learn and for them to interact with other children. So, I decided there was a wonderful opportunity in winning these books! I’m really hoping that over time we can nurture several co-op classes at Skagit Seedlings taught by our own wonderful parents who bring amazing ideas, passion, and love for our children’s education.


We are only meeting 4 days for each continent. There are so many MORE amazing journal pages than that! As a family you can decide to do them all or do just a few. That’s up to you, but there will be 1 or 2 each week that I feel necessary to be done pre or post class to support our activities in class. And of course if your child is LOVING this, you can add to it with additional projects! Parent Facilitator: Becky Everhart Venner (parents participate and help their children in class) ● This is not a drop off class. Class Size 10-20 students Class Dates: 4 classes monthly in October – May (No class week of Thanksgiving, all of December, or the first week of April – Spring Break) Monthly Tuition:


Fun Schooling Journal – Travel Dreams 7 Amazing Continents (provided)

● Materials list sign up will be provided on day 1.

REQUIRED CLASS MATERIALS: ● Your own gel pens, colored pencils, pencils ● At home access to library books/personal books/bookstore ● Personal access to the internet.

Welcome! Thanks for your interest in Skagit Seedlings first year of Home School cooperative opportunities. Over the course of the year we hope to nurture several co-op classes at Skagit Seedlings taught by our own wonderful parents who bring amazing ideas,passion, and love for their children’s education. These courses can either be offered on a year-long bases or a 12 Week Semester bases and parent involvement in each class is required-this is not a drop-off program option. At the beginning of each class, teachers will pass out a material/supply list and parents are responsible to provide one/more materials on the list for the duration of the course. In return the co-op class tuition is greatly reduced per month for families looking for another fun affordable extracurricular educational and arts experience in Skagit Valley. We welcome all families regardless of belief systems. Our true mission is to create a community home for all Skagit Valley Home-Schooling families where everyone feels accepted and nurtured. If your family identifies with our mission we hope to see you in one of our future courses. Better yet, if you are a parent that has a skill or passion you want to share please don’t hesitate contacting us today! There are bonuses to facilitating a class. For more details about these opportunities and available classroom times contact Amy Christianson or Becky Everhart Venner at info@skagitseedlings.com