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If you want a child's mind to grow...you must first plant the seed.

Similar to the many colors and varieties of the valleys seeds, our wide range of classes allow each child to find a home that fits their individual talents and inspirations. At Skagit Seedlings, we are passionate about four things: community, quality education, amazing instruction, and unique class offerings. We strive to provide world-class integrated arts and educational programming for students youth to adult in a community based environment. Our teachers inspire our students to learn by doing whether it be in movement, musical exploration, or messy hands-on activities. We live to plant life’s good seeds of loving to learn, play, explore, work, discover, and dream in every student that graces our doors.

Skagit Seedlings Inspiration

My name is Amy Christianson, owner and director of Skagit Seedlings. Please enjoy reading Skagit Seedlings inspirational back story — we hope to see your smiling faces in one of our classes in the near future!

My story started with a handful of simple seeds whose colors, purpose and varieties led me down life changing pathways. Seeds hold many meanings to me literally, spiritually, and artistically.

I was born into a family that hearkened from pioneering stock.

From my mother’s side, I descend from Norwegian ancestors that drained Skagit County swamps and planted their strong Benson roots upon a 160-acre homestead over 100 years ago. This homestead still remains in our family today.

Seeds become literal in my father’s family history. As a Christianson, I descend from Swedish businessmen that came to the Pacific Northwest in the early 20th century. In 1926, my great-great grandfather founded Alf Christianson Seed Company. This company grew into a third-generation family-owned business. My father, Alfred “Mark” Christianson the Third returned to his roots and started commercial seed crop farming with his father and brother in 1975 in the Stillaguamish River valley.

From a young age, I knew the difference between a cabbage, beet, wheat, and rye grass seed field. My playground was watching the change of seasons. The change of wet, weedy fields to tractors breaking up the dark clumps and making them into butter to the first seeds and seedlings planted in straight rows on cold grey April mornings. I can see and smell the bright yellow flowers being pollinated by bees before the cabbage went to seed, the dark burgundy green stemmed beets snaking themselves across the field and the golden wheatsheafs swaying in the July heat.

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These simple beginnings instilled strong seeds of morality and life skills.

Hard work was a fundamental foundation requirement in our house. My father took this to another level by planting 3 acres of strawberries and raspberries that my three siblings and I managed from May until August from at age 14 until I was 20. I thank him everyday for being nonnegotiable when it came to instilling a hard work ethic in us. The seeds valuing honesty, respect, kindness, and authenticity followed as close seconds, thirds, fourths, and fifths in my education. For me they emphasis the continual water we feed plants in order to ensure their growth and prosperity.

Numerous seedlings of artistic skills and academic colors were nourished throughout my youth. My dance training took root and grew from ballet to tap to modern and beyond.

This passion to learn and develop more knowledge about new styles of movement continues with me to today. My roots in the arts traveled and expanded from community musical theater and opera to teaching dance and writing poetry. My siblings and I were exposed to musical training, letterpress classes, national history day competitions, and art classes. The more skills we gained, the more appreciation we fostered and the more we hungered to further our educations.

Learning in all of its glorious forms starts with a simple seed. When a seedling takes root there are no bounds for its growth, discovery and adventure. Weather and water remain the only two principles dictating how fast or slow a seedlings journey will be. At Seedlings, we believe a fine arts education follows the same principles for all ages from youth to adults. Educational growth is an infinite source welcome to all humans regardless of age, gender, religion, or nationality. Come in today and learn more about growing you and your love of the arts.

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