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Skagit Seedlings FAQs

Our goal is to make art, music, and dance available to all families and strive to build a community within our center. We understand that activities can get expensive so we have set our rates well below all other studios and art classes in the area. Siblings have a lower rate, please see our rate chart for more details. In addition to lower overall rates, we do offer a 10% total tuition discount for families that have 2 or more dancers in a family. We offer payment plans and options to work off tuition whenever possible to all community members. If cost is ever an issue please contact us and we will do our very best to work with all community members.

At Skagit Seedlings we all about building community! We offer our students the diverse opportunity to perform at various community events throughout Skagit County on a quarterly and semester basis. On a quarterly basis we also offer Family Watch Weeks where we invite student’s families into our dance space to see how the students technique and skills have progressed. All workshops will have a final show or demonstration day.  * Please note that there are no additional costs or tickets for demonstrations or performances.

Our community Dance Collective groups will perform in a public setting a minimum of 6 times per year giving students on average opportunity to perform multiple routines in a group setting. For students that have demonstrated they are ready for a duo, trio, or solo routine we ask that they speak to their instructor and set up a series of private or semi-private lessons. These routines will then be performed as part of our scheduled Community Dance Events throughout the year.

With a traditional competition dance team experience students go to a city event that requires hotel stays ranging from $110-$300 per event. Families then pay registration fees and convention fees averaging $200 per dancer. In addition to these fees to perform students purchase 1-3 costumes ranging in cost of $100-$300 for all costumes. These fees are in addition to the monthly tuition and monthly competition fees already paid throughout the year.

At Skagit Seedlings we desire to put the focus back on the art of performing and the passion to dance with our Dance Collective. Dancers in Collective will work hand in hand with their coaches to develop a variety of original routines and then perform these routines at fairs, schools, senior centers, and other public event a minimum of 6 times per year. The focus of our Community Dance Collective is not winning a ribbon or a one weekend event, it is to build each dancers performance ability and let them show case their abilities. All performances will be documented and each performer will receive a letter of recommendation at the end of each season for resume building and college applications. The monthly fee of $20 per dancer covers registration fees for events that we pay, additional hours the coaches put in, costuming material costs, Cd edits, and more. Dancers pay $50 per year for costuming supplies and we work as a whole to make or re-purpose costumes as needed. Keeping the costs to a minimum makes performing available to as many community members as possible. If your dancer has a heart to perform and cost ever becomes the reason they cannot, please contact us and find out about payment plans or opportunities to work off tuition.

Skagit Seedlings wants to encourage dancers to become teachers and share their abilities with others. As part of the benefit of assisting in classes, students will receive a $5 per hour credit towards their monthly tuition. When students are ready to take on teaching classes of their own, under minimal supervision, we offer them an increase to $10 per hour towards their dance tuition. We know that students with experience make some of the best teachers and we want to help them grow. Beyond student teachers there will continue to be competitive pricing for Adult teachers.

Skagit Seedlings charges a costuming fee to all dancers of $50 per year. These fees are used to purchase, make, and re-purpose costumes for quarterly demonstrations and seasonal performances. Unlike typical studio costume purchases, students will not make a costly purchase towards a costume they use once. Students will have the opportunity to use multiple costumes throughout the year and if students would like to purchase additional costumes for personal use, we can collect an order through the centers retailers.

Based on the medium used teachers will provide a supply list and Skagit Seedlings will purchase these items at wholesale and supply a packet for each art student. Depending on the length of the Art Class/ Workshop students can expect to bring home many pieces of completed art from these supplies.