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Skagit Seedlings FAQs & Policies


Is there a sibling discount? How do we accomodate large families with large class loads?

Our goal is to make art, music, and dance available to all families and strive to build a community within our center. We understand that activities can get expensive so we have set our rates well below all other studios and art classes in the area. Siblings have a lower rate, please see our rate chart for more details. In addition to lower overall rates, we do offer a 10% total tuition discount for families that have 2 or more dancers in a family. We offer payment plans and options to work off tuition whenever possible to all community members. If cost is ever an issue please contact us and we will do our very best to work with all community members.

What type of performing will there be at Skagit Seedlings?

At Skagit Seedlings we all about building community! We offer our students the diverse opportunity to perform at various community events throughout Skagit County on a quarterly and semester basis. On a quarterly basis we also offer Family Watch Weeks where we invite student’s families into our dance space to see how the students technique and skills have progressed. All workshops will have a final show or demonstration day. * Please note that there are no additional costs or tickets for demonstrations or performances.

What are the solo/duet/trio possibilities offered through the Seedlings Dance Collective group?

Our community Dance Collective groups will perform in a public setting a minimum of 6 times per year giving students on average opportunity to perform multiple routines in a group setting. For students that have demonstrated they are ready for a duo, trio, or solo routine we ask that they speak to their instructor and set up a series of private or semi-private lessons. These routines will then be performed as part of our scheduled Community Dance Events throughout the year.

What is the difference between traditional competition team experiences versus the Skagit Seedlings Dance Collective?

With a traditional competition dance team experience students go to a city event that requires hotel stays ranging from $110-$300 per event. Families then pay registration fees and convention fees averaging $200 per dancer. In addition to these fees to perform students purchase 1-3 costumes ranging in cost of $100-$300 for all costumes. These fees are in addition to the monthly tuition and monthly competition fees already paid throughout the year.

At Skagit Seedlings we desire to put the focus back on the art of performing and the passion to dance with our Dance Collective. Dancers in Collective will work hand in hand with their coaches to develop a variety of original routines and then perform these routines at fairs, schools, senior centers, and other public event a minimum of 6 times per year. The focus of our Community Dance Collective is not winning a ribbon or a one weekend event, it is to build each dancers performance ability and let them show case their abilities. All performances will be documented and each performer will receive a letter of recommendation at the end of each season for resume building and college applications. The monthly fee of $20 per dancer covers registration fees for events that we pay, additional hours the coaches put in, costuming material costs, Cd edits, and more. Dancers pay $50 per year for costuming supplies and we work as a whole to make or re-purpose costumes as needed. Keeping the costs to a minimum makes performing available to as many community members as possible. If your dancer has a heart to perform and cost ever becomes the reason they cannot, please contact us and find out about payment plans or opportunities to work off tuition.

What benefits are offered to Student Teachers and Class Assistants?

Skagit Seedlings wants to encourage dancers to become teachers and share their abilities with others. As part of the benefit of assisting in classes, students will receive a $5 per hour credit towards their monthly tuition. When students are ready to take on teaching classes of their own, under minimal supervision, we offer them an increase to $10 per hour towards their dance tuition. We know that students with experience make some of the best teachers and we want to help them grow. Beyond student teachers there will continue to be competitive pricing for Adult teachers.

What does the costume fee encompass and how do costumes work at Skagit Seedlings?

Skagit Seedlings charges a costuming fee to all dancers of $50 per year. These fees are used to purchase, make, and re-purpose costumes for quarterly demonstrations and seasonal performances. Unlike typical studio costume purchases, students will not make a costly purchase towards a costume they use once. Students will have the opportunity to use multiple costumes throughout the year and if students would like to purchase additional costumes for personal use, we can collect an order through the centers retailers.

What does the Class Supply Fee cover?

Based on the medium used, teachers will provide a supply list and Skagit Seedlings will purchase these items at wholesale and supply a packet for each art student. Depending on the length of the Art Class/ Workshop students can expect to bring home many pieces of completed art from these supplies.



All students registered in the dance, education, or music programs are required to arrive 10-15 minutes early before each class/workshop/private lesson and are ready to dance, take their music lesson or educational class. Arriving a bit earlier allows students to change into appropriate shoes, start warming up, get a drink of water, get their supplies ready, and prepare their instrument/music for their lesson. Arriving late and leaving early to/from classes can be disruptive to other students and the groups’ consistent learning progression.

Dropping Off/Picking Up

All students need to be escorted to and from the studio and should not be dropped off more than 15 minutes before class. Students under the age of 8 should be supervised until the instructor invites them into the classroom. After class students waiting to be picked up will not be allowed to leave the lobby until their designated parent, etc. picks them up.

**If you will be having another parent, family member, guardian or sibling coming in to pick up your children please notify our office upon drop off or call ahead.**

Student Code of Conduct

  1. Listen and follow directions.
  1. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  1. Be courteous, polite and respect the rights of others.
  1. Respect the property of Seedlings and our business location.
  1. Use appropriate language.
  1. Students will arrive to class on time, will be dressed in appropriate attire and have hair secured properly.
  1. No street shoes are allowed in dance halls with the exception of special events. Extra dirt and outside debris cause slipping hazards for dancers and help to protect our flooring. Please keep street shoes outside the studio or bring shoes in separately and place them under the side benches.
  1. Snacking + Beverages Seedlings allows no peanuts or tree-nuts for student snacking in the school. Healthy fruit & veggie snacks are to be eaten in the lobby only. Seedling’s encourages all students to bring their own water bottle to class. Only water is allowed into all Seedlings classrooms/studios.

*9. Students are expected to pick up after themselves, collect all of their personal possessions and throw all paper water cups/snack garbage away in the garbage can. At Seedlings we encourage all of our students to be actively involved in all areas of their education including, building their awareness of when our teachers need help with setting up class or tidying up afterwards. We are always thankful for students that ask how they can help!


Should a student be disruptive in any way Skagit Seedlings staff and teachers will voice the following reminders: Reminder#1: Students who are disrespectful, or disruptive the teacher will voice a correction toward the student behavior in class. Reminder #2: If a student continues to be disrespectful/disruptive after 2 warnings, teachers reserve the right to place the child in quiet time and will speak to the parent after class. Warning #3: If a student’s behavior persists a meeting will be held with student, parents, teacher and Artistic Director to discuss the problem and possible solutions. Warning #4: If the negative behavior continues, without correction from the student, or support from the parents, Seedlings reserves the right to suggest that our program is not the best fit for the student.

Tuition Policy

Tuition is due by the 1st class of each month for students registered in trimester scheduled dance classes or private music lessons, regardless of when the student was registered for the class. For session/workshop based classes full tuition and fees are due upon registration. Registering early is suggested to hold your place in the class. A late fee of $15 will be applied to all tuition paid after the 1st class of the month or session. Tuition more than 2 weeks past due can result in a student’s placement in the class or session being forfeited. Skagit Seedlings requires a minimum of 4 paying students for a class to run for the session/workshop/year.

Skagit Seedlings offers limited prorating for tuition based on illness, deaths in the family, or other family emergencies please speak to the director or office support for specifics.

We accept cash, check, all major credit cards and bank transfers. A $35 bounced check fee will be charged for all returned checks.

Make-Up Policy

Parents/Students need to communicate with Skagit Seedlings at least 3 hrs in advance if they will be missing class due to illness or unexpected life events. Missed lessons will only be considered for a scheduled make-up and/or credit toward their account (depending upon the circumstance) if 3 hrs notice is given. We understand life events happen, but we encourage parents to communicate misses as much as possible. Our instructors spend valuable time outside of lessons preparing for their students and “no shows” or lack of communication are seriously look down upon.

WORKSHOPS: Make-ups for 6-week, 8-week or special Workshops are not offered. Class credits for workshops are only available in the case of special circumstances.

DANCE: Make-ups must be done within the month they happen for Tri-mester scheduled dance classes. Dance students are able to either make-up class in a class at or below their current assigned dance level (Special permission from their teachers is needed to make-up classes in a level above the students current level).

MUSIC PRIVATE LESSONS: Make-ups must be scheduled and completed within the month the missed class occurred. Make-ups must be scheduled through the assigned private music teacher during hours the teacher is already available at the Skagit Seedling location.


Parents must email a written withdrawal of their child from trimester scheduled classes or private lesson 2 weeks prior to their upcoming tuition payment. Any 10-Week, 8-Week, 6-Week or shorter Workshop tuition and supply payments are non-refundable upon payment. Parents/guardians/specified organizations will be responsible for the next payment if they do not give two weeks written notice. Please be aware that no prorating or refunds will be issued due to withdrawing from classes this includes any costume fees, supplies fees and academic year registration fees.

Inclement Weather

Seedlings follows all extreme weather advisory listed by the Mount Vernon School District. If the school must cancel classes due to extreme weather or events beyond our control students are welcome to attend a make-up class at their level or below it within the same month the cancelled class occurred. For students without make-up classes available a make-up time on a Friday that month will be scheduled and advertised. No refunds for lessons missed due to weather will be given.

Lost & Found Policy

SKAGIT SEEDLINGS does not accept any liability for your personal belongings including instruments and electronic devices. Please remind your child/children to keep their belongs together and check for them prior to leaving each week. Seedlings lost and found basket will be located in the side dressing room. Every month any belongs not claimed will be put out in a FREE box and offered to the public. After 1 week they will be taken to the local Value Village if not claimed.

Substitute Teaching

Seedlings reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if the scheduled teacher is ill.

Office Communication

Business matters must be directed to our reception. We ask all parents that you try not to talk to instructors in between classes. Instructors need their time to prepare themselves and ready their lessons before each class. Every student is entitled to receive his/her full instruction time. If your unable to talk to reception, you may leave a message on the school phone (425-238-6286) if you would like to communicate in person. Email will also be a primary means of correspondence – please direct any new questions to info@skagitseedlings.com

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