Plant Some Dreams + Watch Them Grow

if you want the child's mind to grow...you must first plant the seed.

Similar to the many colors and varieties of the valleys seeds, our wide range of classes allow each child to find a home that fits their individual talents and inspirations. At Skagit Seedlings, we are passionate about four things; community, quality education, amazing instruction, and unique class offerings. We strive to provide world-class integrated arts and educational programming for students youth to adult in a community-based environment. Our teachers inspire our students to learn by doing whether it be in movement, musical exploration or messy hands-on activities. We live to plant life’s good seeds of loving to learn, play, explore, work, discover and dream in every student that graces our doors.

Magical Artistic Seeds....Plant Early + Often

From the moment I heard the studio harmonies of classical ballet music, pings of the piano, strums of the guitar, childhood laughter and running toes, I knew.  My dream of an Integrated-Arts center started sometime in 2005-2008 when my dance teaching journey began. Although, I would not hear the words “integrated-arts” until 2016 – I had this big dream in the back of my head, what if there was a home for all types of arts, where families could come gather and celebrate the ability to pass on these skills from one generation to the next?
You know what? Dreams like seeds sometimes have to lay asleep until the right weather conditions wake them up and let them grow. This little dream of mine waited until 2015, ten years later to spring to life and has been growing ever since. Every day I see an art form impact a child, teen or adult. Their flower fills with joy, determination, curiosity, creativity and sometimes frustration with each step of the learning process. But, the best part is to watch the seed of perseverance kick in as the joy of the activity at hand turns into love.
Skagit Seedlings: Growing in the Arts is an integrated-arts center that rejoices along with each person’s artistic journey. Beginning with Princess Ballerinas + Mount Vernon Music Together extending to dance, instrument/voice lessons, and integrated-arts classes. We encourage all ages to move, make music, and creatively express themselves freely in our home for Community Art Education. Skagit Seedlings the home where all students can learn at their individual pace in a relaxed “no pressure” environment.
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