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Fall’s Seed of Faith

This season at Skagit Seedlings more than any other, the seed of faith has sprung to life. Seeds are funny that way they can be planted in one season and stubbornly wait, wait for water, wait for warmth, some wait years for the right climate to break their stubborn streak. Then right when you have almost given up hope, those seeds of faith comes through and you stand in awe of what used to be impossible become possible.

In 2017 a surprise super bloom took over Death Valley, a place where only desert and heat usually permeate its surface. The wetter winter allowed for dormant sleeping seeds to transform the barren wasteland into a paradise of color. Those dormant seeds remind us of the sleeping seeds of faith in all our hearts only waiting for the weather to change and make an unbelievable moment/event/experience believable.

Faith plays a large part in everyones life and can orchestrate itself in multiple ways. For me faith is signified by the smallest of seeds in existence that grow into the most magnificent of plants.
If you have a green thumb than you know those seeds are much like cabbage or broccoli, those tiny balls that barely stay in the palm of your hand, but have the greatest stories of faith.

When I was a girl one of my favorite past times was watching how my dad’s seed crops changed from season to season out our back window. When cabbage for seed was the crop, I remember looking out as the frosts would start and wonder if those rows of heads would make it to spring? More times than not they did, but I always believed those little plants fought tooth and nail against the weather to survive. Faith is a fight, a fight against inner and outer voices that want us to question the possible. Sometimes you have to put your head down and trust that storm will pass and the sunshine will prevail.

As a teacher my words are everything when helping my students establish a foundation of faith in themselves and their work of learning an art form. My job is to consistently reenforce that any child can do anything they put their mind too.  The power of “I Can” makes a child an unstoppable force. My faith in reenforcing the belief “I Can” is not because I cannot see the end of their personal journeys with the arts, but because I believe so passionately in the winding path of the journey itself.

Faith is essential to growth and growth is essential to learning and learning is essential to becoming experienced. The biggest take away is there is no time limit, so I encourage you to live life with a child’s limitless energy toward learning all the things and stop worrying whether you’re too old to start. I think the saying goes if you don’t try you will never know, but I like to believe if you don’t try then you don’t regret not trying because regret is life’s true thief.

So I am going to leave it here this week on my thoughts toward the seed of faith. Next week I will share a bit of Seedlings own journey of faith over the last two months of construction and transition into our new space.

Hope you and yours have a wonderful October week and please share your thoughts/stories of the seed of faith coming alive in your own lives! Blessings Abound, Miss Amy

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