Who are the storytellers?

I don’t know if it is the holiday season or just general artistic inquiry, but I have been thinking lately about storytelling.

How does a person become a storyteller? When does it start and how many kinds of storytellers are there in our universe?

I love stories period and am always looking for the next inspirational story that can bring a tear to my eye and a laugh to my lips. Being a right brained artist, I notice that most people attribute storytelling as being an artistic life pursuit.

It is only the writers, poets, artists, thespians, and videographers that live the life of the storyteller. However, that cannot be further from the truth. I watch, listen and teach all kinds of children every day that are meant to become storytellers, regardless of their chosen profession.

Simply, the act of living means you are meant to be a storyteller; interests and profession aside.

A lot of my teaching is talking about habits. What are habits? How do you fall into a habit? How do you break a habit?  Now most of these conversations happen in the dance studio, but in the larger picture they apply to any area of life. I believe in today’s world we as humans have adopted an unhealthy habit of constantly segregating the “Who” in “Who we are?” and the “Why” in “Why are we important?” and the “What” in “What we do for a living?” I think we often forget to overlay life’s details with the bigger picture. We do this when we decide on our life’s profession, the school we attend, the grade level we fall under and the group of faces we surround ourselves with on a daily basis.

Now, these habits good and bad are being formed from birth and especially during a child’s school years.

The most detrimental thing we can do in society is to segregate our children’s interests, age levels and learning abilities.

From the beginning, I never completely checked any of the “normal” life expectation boxes. In my early twenties someone told me, “you know you don’t have to just have one profession in life, you can do multiple things.” I physically remember the stress and internal worry about this subject falling away, as if I just got permission to be myself and stop having to conform to human’s static expectations. Live and let live became my motto, my gut became my compass, and grabbing at opportunities when they walked in the room became my reality. I honestly cannot say I have become a person with one title or that my business Skagit Seedlings offers one service. The beauty of this is that our space is open to all humans who are encouraged to become whatever kind of storyteller their heart desires.  Let the scientists & inventors join our artistic creators to start telling the whole story that is life.